SIW Portable 2010-03-10

Get detailed information about your system

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Everest Ultimate Edition 5.50

Discover every detail about your PC. ...system optimizations ...

User rank: 6.1

PC Wizard 2010 2.11

Advanced system information program. ...thorough benchmarking tests give ...detection of hardware, but ...

User rank: 6.1

SIW 2011 4.6.1024 Build 0707

Find system information for your PC. ... information better SIW doesn't ... information tool, SIW is a ...

User rank: 6.1

HWMonitor 1.21

Full control over your PC's power stats. ...any way HWMonitor probably shows ...useful if HWMonitor had ...

User rank: 6.6

Everest Portable Ultimate Edition 5.50

Portable analysis of your computer's components.NOTE: this program has been discontinued If you'd like to ...

User rank: 5.9

Soluto Beta 1.3.1116.0

Make your computer boot faster. ... (in green) Soluto then gives ... of documentation Soluto is an ...

User rank: 6.4

Belarc Advisor g


User rank: 6.0

Speccy 1.25.674

A simple way to get your system specifications. ... information With Speccy you can ...for everyone Speccy lets you ...

User rank: 6.1

AIDA64 Extreme Edition 2.80.2300 (ex-Everest Ultimate)

Everything you need to know about your PC.This program was formerly known as Everest Ultimate Edition

User rank: 9.2

Sisoft Sandra Lite 2011 17.64


User rank: 4.5

Test My Hardware 2.4

Test the integrity of your hardware. ...of My Test Hardware classifies ... point Test My Hardware ...

User rank: 5.0

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant


User rank: 3.0

ASTRA32 6.01

Fully analyze your system. ...A unique Drivers Troubleshooter ...Health Status checker are ...

User rank:

CCleaner Slim 3.26.1888

Spring cleaning for your PC.

User rank: 5.9


Get to know your processor a little better

User rank: 5.0

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Is your PC ready for Windows 7?

User rank: 7.4

BlueScreenView 1.52

Find out the hidden meaning in a blue screen of death. ... original blue screen, and ...getting frequent blue screens of ...

User rank: 4.8

CrystalDiskInfo 5.6.2


User rank: 8.8

PC Fixer

Find out how to optimize your system

User rank: 8.3

Dr. Hardware 2009 9.9.2

Thorough examination of your system's hardware. ...test, that will outline your hardware ... any hardware setting ...

User rank: 9.5

AIDA64 Extreme Edition Portable 2.00.1700

Portable version of the system diagnostics software.This program was formerly known as Everest Ultimate Edition

User rank: 6.0


Check Windows boot speed

User rank: 8.0

Speccy Portable 1.16.317

Easy portable system information tool for your PC. ...for everyone Speccy Portable ...displayed by Speccy Portable ...

User rank: 6.6

What's my computer doing?

Find out more about unknown running processes

User rank: 5.6

simplitec Power Suite FREE (ENG)

. ...PC performance booster simplifast ... recovery, driver updates ...

User rank: 9.8

Hot CPU Tester Pro 4.4

Test your system's stability, performance and reliability. ... chipset and virtually all ...Tests System Bus & Memory Bus ...

User rank: 5.9


Analyze all the installed components on your computer

User rank: 8.1

System Information 1.67

Perform computer configuration analysis and diagnostics. ...and diagnostics SIW can ...Hardware Inventory) SIW gives ...

User rank: 5.0

Sisoft Sandra 2005 SR3 (10.69)


User rank: 8.0

Cinebench 9.5

Push your computer to the limit for benchmark scores you can trust. ...the powerful 3D software CINEMA 4D ...16 Shading (CINEMA 4D) : ...

User rank: 4.0

Free Extended Task Manager


User rank: 8.8


Stress tests for your 3D graphics card

User rank: 10.0


Check your PC's performance and stability

User rank: 7.7

Norton PC Checkup

Low-effort, simple PC maintenance . ... that while Norton PC Checkup ... the issues Norton PC Checkup ...

User rank: 7.3

XP Repair

Correct all system errors in five minutes or less

User rank: 6.0

BitDefender Security Scan 1.0

A quick security and performance check for your system. ... the antivirus and ...much everything BitDefender Security ...

User rank: 10.0

HWiNFO32 Portable

Analyze your system's hardware configuration

User rank: 8.0

System Information Viewer

Learn everything about your system: hardware, network, etc.

User rank: 6.0


Detects all the installed components in your system

User rank: 9.3


THE network management solution

User rank: 7.0


Display your system information on the desktop

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PC Wizard Portable

Thorough analysis of your PC from a USB drive

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3DMark 2003

The best tool to test the real performance of a PC

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Analyse in detail your software and hardware

User rank: 9.0

PC Accelerator

Considerably accelerate PC performance

User rank: 0.3

CrystalMark 2004 R3


User rank: 4.8

Heaven Benchmark

A performance test for your 3D accelerator card

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Fresh Diagnose

Detailed information to increase your computer's performance

User rank: 6.3


Full analysis of your motherboard

User rank:

SIW Portable 2010-03-10

Get detailed information about your system.

User rank: 9.0